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Welcome to Fix My Kixs ATL, the UBER of Sneaker Restorations! We are your PREMIER sneaker restoration company in the Metro Atlanta Area with a mobile pick up and delivery service nationwide to better serve your sneaker cleaning needs!

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Fix My Kixs ATL performs a 10-step professional cleaning and sanitization process. Professional sneaker cleaners work meticulously to clean every part of the sneaker from the upper to the insole using only best-in-the-industry products! We utilize a proprietary combination of UV light exposure along with a sanitizing solution to ensure each pair is like new and completely COVID-19 safe!


Let Fix My Kixs ATL restore your battered and bruised. We'll mend your worn and torn, your broken soles, faded colors, busted, even those soggy Ugg's. 


Fix My Kixs ATL can customize a range from a simple changes in the colorway to a complete makeover. And since there are too many elements that make up a sneaker, there's so much you can alter in them to make them your own.

Revive. Restore. Refresh.


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